Pyrography Timbers

These are just a few pyrography suitable timbers to help you choose which one will be best for your projects.

Birch provides a clean fine textured surface that is perfect for pyrography. The grain is easy to work with and the natural colour can help you create fine pieces of work. The natural stunning silver bark edge finishes each project naturally.

Holly has a very pale almost paper white colour with a medium to fine grain. Knots are common but it only adds to the character of the wood. Please note Holly is only available in small sizes.

Maple has a fine even texture and is generally tan / off white colour. The grain is commonly straight but can have curly or quilted grain patterns. It is a very heavy strong timber and can be hard to machine but its lovely to burn. 

Oak is one of the most challenging to burn on and more suitable for dark designs but the end result can be incredible. The heartwood is a medium brown with a course grain and white to light brown sapwood. 

Sycamore has a fine even texture similar to maple. It has a light colour and can feature beautiful rays that only adds to its character. 

Yew is one of the most colourful and interesting wood types. The heartwood can vary from a orange brown to dark brown to purple. The sapwood is paler and contrasts beautifully with the heartwood. It is a hard heavy timber.

These are unusual wooden blanks I am unlikely to have in stock again. A great chance to find something unique and special.

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© Artwork Copyright of Louise Astridge